Lomography Love - Part III


I thought the La Sardina was the only Lomography camera I could ever love. It was beautiful, durable, it fit in my purse for easy adventuring, it created stunning, sharp images with just the right amount of film grain and quirky lens flares. I was hooked and sold and loyal to the death.


That is, I guess, until I received the Lomography Fisheye No. 2 for Christmas.

Another 35mm camera, yes, but this time with a 170-degree wide-angle view, removable fisheye viewfinder, multiple and long exposure capabilities, and sweet fisheye barrel distortion. The prints this thing produces are fantastic. 

I used a whole roll of film in one afternoon, because everything, everything, looks cooler in fisheye.


The Fisheyes will cost you anywhere from $40-$80 and come in MINI SIZES too (the minis are about the size of a credit card, take 110 film, and are absolutely undeniably the most adorable film cameras you've ever laid eyes on). Each camera comes with two booklets--one with inspirational pictures and unique shooting techniques, and one with instructions for how to use your camera best. 


Don't forget to check out the Lomography contest happening right now at Paper Umbrella! Pop in to say hi, pick up your own camera, and enter your prints to win a prize from the shop! (Details on our Facebook page.)


Suzy Krause lives in the Cathedral Village and is an avid regular at Paper Umbrella. She also writes at www.suzykrauseandtheskyscrapers.blogspot.com and would love to see you there!