Win a Stationery Prize Pack!

For all you handwriting enthusiasts, we have something special in store for you this month!

We’re inviting you to snail mail us a public handwritten love letter. This letter can talk about someone or something close to your heart; for example, the love of your city, your favourite movie, your pet or partner (not necessarily in that order).

These letters will be collected until February 14, 2013 and be kept on display at Paper Umbrella throughout the month of February. Three random draws will be conducted on Valentine’s Day and be announced on Facebook. Winners will receive a stationery prize pack!

This event is designed to encourage your personal expression through handwriting and welcomes contributions from anyone who loves the feel of paper and the glide of ink (or pencil) across the page. In other words, all ages are welcome.


Send your letters to 2724 13th Ave. Regina, SK, S4T 1N3.

Good Luck!